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Happy Anniversary to Me!

This month marks the sixth anniversary of this blog’s launch! I really can’t believe it’s been that long!

This is the two hundred and fiftieth post! I can’t believe I’ve posted that much – mostly recipes, but there have been a few ramblings and a few devotionals and even a few rants.

I always love reading comments from my readers! It makes me feel like I’m doing something right! I love to answer questions. I love to hear how you’ve altered my recipe to suit your family. I love for you to tell me that a recipe reminds you of something your grandmother used to make when you were little.

Well, any anniversary calls for a celebration! So here’s what I’m going to do!

I’m going to give away 6 copies of my cookbook!

All you have to do is add a comment at the bottom of this post. Just comment your name, a contact email, and what kinds of recipes you like best. I will put all of those names into a hat – literally. Christopher has a great big Stetson I’ll borrow just for this occasion – and I will draw 6 names. I will email those 6 people to get shipping info and I’ll pay the shipping costs!

That’s it! Just comment and I’ll do the rest!

Drawing will take place on August 15th.

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  1. Krysta Maynard

    I love all your recipes. I really would like to try your sweet potato and black bean burritos. Sounds delicious. I would like to be entered for the contest.

    Contact email:

  2. Cindy C

    Happy Anniversary! Love your recipes and reading your blog.

  3. Marcia Couvillion.

    Love all your beautiful recipes. Micah needs to learn to cook.

  4. Kellye Graff

    I love quick easy main dish recipes for 5-6 people

  5. Savannah Lovecchio

    Savannah Lovecchio

    I like recipes for family meals that my kids will eat lol ! And of course desert ?

  6. Pam Jones

    I would love to have your cookbook full of healthy creations that are fairly quick. Everything you cook looks amazing!

  7. Donna Gayle Rogers

    Love pasta!

  8. Suzanne Loewer

    I like ALL your recipes!

  9. Debbie Lewis Pye

    I’ma need comfort foods as my Shelby is moving to La.College in a couple of wks…Mimi will be sad a while!!

  10. Tanya Maxwell

    Happy Anniversary! I love seeing your recipes and have tried several and had great results! My mind tells me to say I like the healthier recipes, but…, I really love them all!!!

  11. Katrina

    Happy anniversary to the most relatable chef I know!

  12. Dianne Nida

    LOVE your recipes!

  13. Dianne Nida

    I love your recipes and have given away my copies of your cookbook!

  14. Laura Bryan

    I love all the recipes you share! I wanna try the tomato and onion tart!

  15. Patti Dickson

    Happy Anniversary! I love to cook. Interested in fun, easy, and delicious!

    • Linda Frazier

      Love your recipes and your stories! Both are are great . Happy Anniversary!

  16. Jennifer Romero

    Happy Anniversary! I can not wait to try some recipes! I love to cook!

  17. Sara Vallery

    I love anything that looks good and it’s mostly comfort food. I think you should get me a cookbook so I won’t pester the hell out of you every time I want to ask for a recipe! With school coming on fast, that could be an every day thing

  18. Stacey Cox

    I would love to have one of your cookbooks. Your recipes look so good. I love sweets (baked) recipes, quick easy healthy recipes , comfort food recipes. Honestly I love trying new recipes.

  19. Katie Chatelain

    I love sweets ! ? I also love quick and easy since we stay on the go!

  20. Vickie Longino

    I would love to be able to get your awesome cookbook. You are an amazing cook and your meals look so so awesome. I hope I’m selected to receive one.

  21. Tamelia Tumlin

    I love, love, love to see all your recipes! I have tried several (and loved them) and plan to try many more. 🙂

  22. Marissa Haynes

    Bryan and I love things with Italian sausage and sauces and lots of veggies. One of my 2020 resolutions was to cook regularly for us. It’s turned out to be something that I have a lot of fun doing every day. And he feels so cared for when I cook for us.

  23. Chancey Slider

    You are such a wonderful cook and I would have to make your cookbook a staple in my kitchen! I love how creative you get with your recipes while keeping them healthy at the same time.

    Warm regards,

  24. Linzay Hunnell

    I love comfort food recipes

  25. Suzann Collier

    GIRL!!!!!!!!!! You know I ADORE you!! Anything in your cookbook, I want to cook it!! Like fa’reals! Every. Single. Time. you post a recipe…..EVERRRYYY. TIME., my husands sends me a text and tells me to get it going!! HAHA!!! Also, living in Georgia, and working in South Carolina, I have DEEP Southern Roots! We eat. It’s what we do!!!!!!! :o)

  26. Pat Magee

    I love all of your recipes!!

  27. Sharon Scott

    I love your recipes and I love food and I love you❣️
    Sharon Scott

  28. Nancy Laffitte

    I would love a copy of your cookbook! You have such interesting recipes!

  29. Chantay

    I just want to learn how to cook creatively like you! Even your vegan meals look Amazing!! God Bless ya Sweet Friend!!

  30. K

    Love your recipes! You make cooking fun!

  31. Debra Hodgrs

    I love recipes. I like those for crock pots and casseroles. I cook for 12 and am always looking for new recipes. I am enjoying seeing new recipes on this site.

  32. Nerri Brown

    My favorite for sure is the crockpot oatmeal ?. I have shared the recipe with everyone in my family! We call them decadent oats!

  33. Kim Stamper

    I have a lot of favorite items. Everything pretty much is just yummy.

  34. Melanie James

    Oooo! Pick me! I’ve already made and my family has approved of half of your recipes already! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas! We made the southwestern pasta on Monday and the sausage, peppers and onions tonight! So good AND healthy!

    • Kim Rivers

      Whether you pick my name or not I want to buy a cookbook!!! I love your cooking! ❤️❤️

  35. Crystal Rodgers

    So, Zachary LOVES the mini frittatas. He asks for “them muffins” almost everyday since you posted the back to school make ahead breakfasts.
    Another favorite is the yummiest potato soup! We eat this on cold rainy days!!!

  36. Kim Netherland

    My fav recipie so far has been ur potatoe soup one!!?

  37. Shannon

    This would be awesome!! We need an infusion of new recipes! ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Rachel Cooper

    I would love a copy of your cookbook! I like anything you cook, but my fav of yours that I’ve made is your Chicken Pot Pie. ?