Six years ago, I started compiling a cookbook intended to be handed down to my children.  I started cooking back through my recipes so that I could measure ingredients (which I rarely do!) and photograph each one.  This labor of love took a little over a year!

As I was creating the cookbook, I started to post some of the recipes and photographs on social media which led to numerous requests for a printed cookbook.  What resulted was my cookbook, “Mama, Can I Lick the Spoon?”

After an initial small printing completely sold out in just a few weeks, I went through a couple of reprintings and ended  up selling hundreds and hundreds of these cookbooks!  I was shocked – and so grateful.

These aren’t fancy recipes with hard-to-pronounce and difficult-to-find ingredients.  These are just my simple, homestyle recipes.  Quick and easy with ingredients that are easy to find and flavors that please families of all kinds!

Although the book is no available in print – aside from a few copies I have put aside for my kids and a few other folks, I have been asked numerous times if it is available in digital format.  Well, now it is!

99 pages of great family recipes – almost all of them accompanied by a beautiful full-color photograph – all in PDF format.  If you’d like to purchase a download, just lick here:

Get the Cookbook That Started It All!

Happy cooking!