Oh, my gosh! You guys have GOT to make this Smoked Queso Dip! If you don’t have a smoker, you can make it on a grill – or even in your oven. But smoking it, gives it a really deep, smoky flavor.

This is my version of the dip that has been featured on Tik Tok for a while now. There are actually a LOT of different recipes on Tik Tok. I chose one randomly and then I made a few changes.

Okay. I made a LOT of changes.

My tribe likes dips that are thick and hearty. We actually had this dip as a meal.

So I put three times the amount of meat in this dip than the original recipe called for.

Also, if you’re familiar with Tik Tok recipes, you know that they usually put things artfully into the bowl. Everything looks so pretty and segregated from everything else.

The queso recipes are the same. This cheese in this corner. This cheese in that corner. Meat in the middle. Rotel on each side. It’s beautiful.

And totally unnecessary.

Just dump everything in and go for it.

If you’re going to smoke your dip, be sure to use a disposable pan so your regular pans don’t damaged in the smoker. You’re going to smoke the dip for about an hour, so be sure to stir it about halfway through and then again when it’s done. If you stir it at the hour mark and you don’t think it’s melted or incorporated enough, keep it on the smoker for about 15 more minutes.

Smoked Queso Dip

  • 1 pound of Velveeta
  • 1 pound of Colby cheese
  • 1 pound of pepper jack cheese
  • 1 pound of hot/spicy breakfast sausage
  • 1 pound of beef chorizo
  • 1 pound of ground turkey or beef
  • 1 8-ounce package of cream cheese
  • 2 10-ounce cans of Rotel
  • 1 10.5-ounce can of cream of mushroom soup


  • Preheat smoker, grill, or oven to 250 degrees.
  • In a large skillet, brown the meat. Drain completely.
  • Cut all of the cheeses into large cubes.
  • In a large disposable aluminum pan, add of the ingredients. DO NOT STIR.
  • Place the pan on the smoker/grill or in the oven for an hour.
  • After thirty minutes, stir.
  • After an hour, remove from the heat source.
  • Serve with tortilla chips.

Well Duh #1: Be sure to use a disposable pan so a regular pan doesn’t get damaged by the smoker or grill.

Well Duh #2: You can brown each type of meat by itself or all together. I actually browned the sausage and chorizo and then drained them (Chorizo is SOOO greasy!!). I added them back to the skillet and then added the turkey and browned it, too. I did this so that all of the moisture would cook out of the skillet. I did NOT have to drain it again after adding the turkey.

Well Duh #3: You can switch the block cheeses out, but keep the Velveeta. You need it for the creaminess.

Well Duh #4: You can use regular, hot, or mild Rotel. I actually used the WalMart brand. Of course, it’s not called Rotel. It’s just diced tomatoes with green chiles.

This dip is SOOOOO good! The tribe loved it! It’s yummy with tortilla chips, but I can imagine a scoop over a grilled chicken breast or even a hamburger would be delicious!!

If you don’t have a grill or smoker and you want to try this, you might want to add a teaspoon of Liquid Smoke to your ingredients. The smoke REALLY makes this dish extra special!

What’s your favorite dip? Let me know in the comments!