I am not a salesperson. In high school, we had multiple fundraisers to raise money for new band uniforms. Multiple. The whole band worked a couple of Saturdays at Sonic and they gave us a big chunk of their profits. We sold lots of things.

I am not a salesperson.

We lived way out from town in the middle of nowhere. We had no neighbors. My mom’s family lived in another town. My dad’s family was nearby, but I hated the idea of trying to sell them something.

So I used my allowance and bought all the candy bars. FIFTY of them! I took them to school and gave them to teachers and friends.

So the idea of selling something isn’t in my comfort zone.

What is in my comfort zone is sharing something I love!

I neglected my skin for several years. I had lots of excuses – kids, job, housework, fatigue, dogs, etc. My skin was dull and lifeless with lots of fine lines. I wasn’t happy when I looked in the mirror.

A friend introduced me to the LumiSpa – a cleansing device that she offered through her side hustle as an associate with NuSkin. It wasn’t cheap, so it took me a while to get up the nerve to buy one. I kept seeing her videos on FaceBook using the Lumi and other NuSkin products. I finally got one.

When I tell you this thing is miraculous, I’m not lying!

I could see and feel a difference in my skin from the very first use! My skin was softer. It had a glow to it. It was AWAKE! Fast forward a few months later and even my kids were noticing a difference. Fine lines were gone (or hiding. I really don’t care where they are!).

Okay, I’m really bad at selfies, but this picture was taken just after a bath (excuse the nightgown!) and the only makeup I have on is eyeliner – mostly because without it, I very closely resemble a naked mole rat. Do you see the difference? Even with my blank selfie stare, you can see my skin is dewy and glowing and HEALTHY!

I wanted to share my results and to be able to let the products sell themselves with my results. So this is my first post telling you about NuSkin. This one only talks about the LumiSpa, but this company – which has actually been around for DECADES – has hundreds of products! I already use several. Their toothpaste, Ideal Eyes, Body Butter and 180 Face Wash – just to name a few. They also have the best self tanner on the market!

So today, I’m sharing my NuSkin website. Please click on the link and explore! I have my favorite products in a section called “Favorites.” I know. Very original!

No, I’m not going to turn this page into a sales site. But I consider my followers my friends. And I would never NOT tell a friend when I’ve found something this good!

You’re worth this investment in your skin and health!

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